Gallery and Online Voting

Between 1 and 30 November 2017, each person could cast one vote for each theme under each group. The entry getting the most number of votes for each theme will be awarded the prize of "My Favourite Photo".

Awards of "The Wise Eyes"* were given to 4 randomly selected voters who made a right pick for the "My Favourite Photo" awards of any of the themes under any of the groups. The list of winners was available on Ming Pao , The Standard and Winners on 19 January 2018.

* Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 49593

Landscape, Architecture and Heritage(Student Group)
Where the Sky meets the Buildings
Landscape, Architecture and Heritage - Student Group: LS0027Name of Entry Where the Sky meets the BuildingsEntry Description 影這幅相主要想表達東涌的風景和建築物兩者可以完美地融合,形成一幅美麗的圖畫。也希望未來東涌的發展,仍然可以保存當中本身和大自然的關係,帶出一種東涌獨有的美感和風景。